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Take a Sunday drive through the White Mountains any day of the week!


Folsom Mill Studio/Eunice Miller


Let me take you along my favorite stretch of roadway and you will see NH all decked out  in her finest!

One section is 32 miles with NO GAS.  It’s OK, I promise not to run out.









Look at those COLORS just up ahead.




I want to show you  something that makes NH special

We are spoiled by  so many of these bridges,  throughout our state.

Let’s check out the river, I did tell you before that there is GOLD here.





OK Jump back in let’s check out a few more spots of color.










Let’s keep our eyes open,  MOOSE ARE HUGE!




Let’s pull off and check out the lake













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  1. Great, we’ll have to get together when you’re in the area. I’m Hartland, ME between Waterville and Bangor off 95.


  2. Bette thanks for sharing


    • I love the White Mountains… It’s been a long time since the rubber traversed the road, so it was great having your pictorial reminder! A road trip worth sharing. THANKS. Bette


      • nutsfortreasure said:

        I am glad you enjoyed it you let me know if you ever want to go and we can grab a drink for the road and head up after all we are neighbors. Please stay safe with Sandy headed our way.


      • Ditto on Sandy! It was be fantastic to get together some time. Where is your home base?


      • nutsfortreasure said:

        Epping NH 45 min from Portland ME
        I am in all parts of Maine all the time 🙂


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