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October mini-vacation plans included a day trip to climb Mount Battie in Camden, Maine. My friend Lea was up from Virginia for our annual get-together. Only five days and the meteorologists were predicting lots of clouds and little sun. The ground was damp and soggy from weeks of rain.

I’ve wanted to climb Mount Battie for several years, but hadn’t made the trek. We woke, dressed, packed for a short hike and headed out for Camden Hills State Park on the only day with a partly sunny forecast. Camden Hills State Park is historically significant because of its connection with Depression-era federal programs and early efforts in the 1930s to develop state park systems throughout the United States. The national park service relied on local talent, such as Hans Heistad, noted landscape architect, in addition to a Civilian Conservation Corps crew based in the area. The park is open from May through October and offers a hiking system with over 30 miles of trails. We were on our way.

Heading for the hills.

Quick stop for a photo op.

The trails start here, to the left we would veer.

The start of the trail, we’re sure to prevail.

Sandstone, mudstone, granite and basalt;
step by very cautious step, we climb archaic rock.

Down the pits and up the mounds, spying woodlands all around.

A mile and a half,
we finally made it through;
A hike that yields the grandest prize —
magnificent the view!

Comments on: "MOUNT BATTIE: Hiking the Tableland Trail" (8)

  1. woo nice, myfamily like hiking too and breathe the fresh air~


  2. Noticed you’d checked out my Mount Battie comments… but I cannot find your comments!! New to wordpress! Great to see your photos and writings about Mt. Battie, as well as your books. Almost moved to Camden in the 1990s, but went south to Wilmington, NC instead!


    • Hi, Alyce. Thanks for the follow-up. I didn’t get your original comment. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the comments section now. I know how overwhelming all of this webbing can be. I’m quite new as well. Sending well wishes to you in NC. Thanks, again!


      • I think I have tried to post this response three times!! I am not new to the web, have another blog and one other active website, that was created in 1997 or so, but I didn’t have the energy to learn posting graphics back then!! Thanks for your response, hopefully you will receive this one!!! Take care.


  3. Lovely photos Bette!


  4. nutsfortreasure said:

    Don’t you love walking in the woods only to come out to a view such as this! WONDERFUL Story


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