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From the Pioneer Press in the USA:

Monarch migration doubles from 2010

Updated: 02/15/2011 12:52:16 AM CST

MEXICO CITY — The number of monarch butterflies migrating from Canada and the U.S. to Mexico has increased this year, a hopeful sign after a worrying 75 percent drop in their numbers last year, experts reported Monday. The total amount of forest covered by the colonies — millions of orange-and-black butterflies that hang in clumps from the boughs of fir trees — more than doubled from last year’s historic low. But concerns persist about the monarchs’ long-term survival, because their numbers remain well below average.

This winter, there are 9.9 acres of colonies, more than double the 4.7 acres last year, the lowest level since comparable recordkeeping began in 1993.

The population has been hurt by deforestation of mountaintop pines in Mexico’s western Michoacan state that serve as ‘blankets’ to protect the insects…

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