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41POgyEeagL._AA160_In a society where children live under the pressure of failure, the agony of bullying, and the need to be like everyone else, the story of Amazing Matilda, written by author Bette A. Stevens tells an interesting tale of getting through life while you march forward to become that which you were called to be.

Just have patience and follow your instinct.

These two essentials themes of life run throughout the book.

Matilda is  Stevens’ protagonist, and she is born with the desire to fly. She knows what she what she wants to do, but the path to achieving it is tedious.  It takes place in stages. Nothing happens overnight. Thus, Amazing Matilda a book directed at children can be a source of encouragement for both children and adults. The message is loud, simple and clear. Remain persistent, be patient, and don’t let anyone convince you to give up…

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  2. Thank you, Patti. I’m glad we’ve connected and so appreciate your review. When I was writing the book, my grandmother (a great encourager in my life) was a model for Sparrow. Now I have many Sparrows, like you and hope MATILDA and friends will inspire readers everywhere. Blessings, Bette


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