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Adventure & Revolutionary War History: A new lesson! This 5-Star book is based on a true and newly revealed event. ~ Bette A. Stevens

Kids Lit Review


Ariel Bradley, Spy for General Washington

By Lynda Durrant

Joe Rossi, illustrator

Vanita Books

5 Stars


Press Release:   Based on a true event. The real life adventures of nine-year-old Ariel Bradley, reveals the anxieties of the Americans who needed desperately to win the battle in the first months of the Revolutionary War. It also shows General Washington’s keen sense of humor and his wily, perceptive view of his British adversaries. Ariel Bradley is Washington’s boy spy who pretends to be a country bumpkin (a “Johnny Raw”). He ‘stumbles’ into General Howe’s camp “looking for the mill” his father has sent him in search of.

In reality, he is assessing the strength and numbers of the British and their Hessian (German) allies. After he is sent on his way by the unsuspecting English, he reports this to General Washington and his staff. This information proves key in what…

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  1. Hi Bette, I received Amazing Matilda in the mail today.


    • Thanks so much for the note. I hope you and your grands enjoy Amazing Matilda and look forward to hearing your thoughts. May your fondest dreams come true!


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