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Facebook-Cover-Image-Template GIVEAWAY HAPPY LOVE MONTH!

    February 1— #9 on The Gittle List: Top 10 Children’s Picture Books of 2013  Aviva Gittle Publishing (San Diego, CA): “On the surface, the story is about the birth and transformation of a Monarch butterfly. The underlying story is about the challenges children experience as they grow and learn. It can foster a discussion with your child about the power of perseverance. Heck, it’s also just fun to read!”
  • THE TANGRAM ZOO—Tangram puzzles and riddles for hands-on learning and fun for the whole family/classroom: “Awesome and Creative!” —S.B.
  • PURE TRASH, The Story—1950s short story adventure (bullying, poverty & prejudice) for the YA/Adult reader. “Truly moving short story.” Michael Carrier


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Comments on: "Super Sweet 3-Book VALENTINE’S GIVEAWAY!" (14)

  1. If I were to win this giveaway after I looked thru them I would then loan them to a friend to enjoy them also


  2. What a lovely giveaway, and Matilda is such a nice story–well-illustrated and well-told.


  3. Hi Bette. I’m thrilled you are doing this. Very adventurous. 🙂 I entered. Hoping to win. I’d like to review all the books. ❤


    • So glad you entered, Scarlett. Hosting on your tour gave me the courage to set up a Rafflecopter of my own… You’re a great mentor and faithful friend. Just in case you don’t win, just remind me and I’ll get them off to you! 🙂


  4. I can’t figure out HOW to enter. No link? What am I missing?


    • Hi, Marilyn. The link is at the very end of the post, right after ENTER THE GIVEAWAY. If that doesn’t work here’s another http://tinyurl.com/nf8zcpf Let me know if still not able to get there… Thanks for reading and entering Giveaway… GOOD LUCK! Best always, Bette


      • Hmm. I think I entered. Pretty sure. It’s good to have a decent turnout when you host an event 🙂 I do Virtual Tours and try to make sure the authors get as much support as I can muster up. Many of them are publishing for the first time and they need some good reviews. We all fight that good fight!


      • Thanks for the feedback and support, Marilyn. This is my first Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY… Hoping all goes well.


  5. What a great giveaway. I have two of these books already.


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