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MEXICO CITY: Writers ask for monarch butterflies’ protection | News | Modesto Bee.

Extreme weather trends, loss of habitat and agricultural policies cited as contributors to decline of monarch butterflies.


Comments on: "MEXICO CITY: Writers ask for monarch butterflies’ protection | News | Modesto Bee" (6)

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  2. J.R.Barker said:

    I used to see all kinds of butterfly’s flit past me in the summer months. Now I’m lucky if I see a handful.


    • It’s great that so many people are becoming aware and getting involved… Our pollinators are one of the most important links in OUR FOOD CHAIN. I loved your book, J.R.! Hope you like the review (left on Amazon & Goodreads). May THE ADVENTURES OF THE FROG PRINCE fly off the presses and over the Whispernet to readers everywhere. I’m so glad that we’ve connected. 🙂


      • J.R.Barker said:

        Agreed, one day I hope to get a bee box for our bumbles.

        I saw the review thank you so much, it really made my day, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

        P.S I like the idea of a whispernet, if there isn’t such a thing there should be !


  3. I remember when the monarchs literally filled the air during their migration. It was a magnificent thing to witness. I haven’t see a monarch in years, now.


    • I had hundreds in my gardens in 2012. Last year only a handful. In my opinion, It’s wonderful to see that individual and organizations are out there shouting directly for the monarchs and indirectly for all of us. Our US agricultural policies are in dire need of revamping with agricultural giants like Monsanto ruling the roost. Thanks for stopping by Marilyn. I hope you’re well and that your upcoming surgery is a great success. 🙂


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