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Thank you Rave Reviews Book Club for voting me this week’s Spotlight Author! And, a huge thanks to all the members who agreed to host me on their site!

What would you do if Child Protective Services showed up on your doorstep with an army of Sheriff’s deputies and tried to remove your three-year-old from your home? Knowing there’s no justification for their action and the court documents they presented are fabricated, would you stand by or fight to protect your child?

Over My Dead Body explores the deadly reaction and consequences when a protective father, Jeff Blake, tries to prevent the state from  taking his daughter. The director of Child Protective Services uses his position to exact a personal vendetta in removing three-year-old Ashley from the Blake’s home.

The situation quickly becomes violent as Jeff resorts to the only response…

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  1. Hi Bette, thanks for this very interesting look at an often occurring subject and yet, one that is not talked about as often as it should be discussed. Left a message on Bruce’s site. Kharis Macey


  2. Congratulations to Bruce on receiving this amazing honor! Thank you to Bette for hosting this Spotlight Author!


  3. Bette: Thanks for hosting Bruce as Spotlight Author. Congratulations, Bruce, for your selection by Rave Reviews Book Club. Jennie


  4. Shirley L. Slaughter said:

    Bette what a beautiful site. Colors are so soothing to the eyes. Thanks for spotlighting Bruce.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this on your beautiful blog, Bette! Congratulations, Bruce!! I’m really looking forward to reading your book. Best wishes on your continued success! 🙂


  6. Thank you for sharing Bette.


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