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According to Stephen King’s On Writing, “The editor is always right.” My editor never misses an opportunity to remind me about that quote. Therefore I’ve created a system for editing, revisions, et al that prevents arguments about the placement of a comma or about the start of a new paragraph.


Editing a Paper by Nic McPhee used under CC License

I #write out my first draft and look it over for something glaring like misspelled words. Then I save the document to a memory stick and pass it off to my wife, a.k.a the Editor and Queen (Grammar Nazi is too over-used).

She will read it over and type in notes and comments with Word’s highlight tool. For suggested omissions, she’ll change the text to blue and will use red when she wants a stronger verb. I think you’re getting the idea.

The memory stick comes back to me…

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Comments on: "The Queen and I: Working with your Editor" (6)

  1. Thanks so much for diligence in helping, Laurie. I’m in less pain today and visit Dr. on Thursday. He’s said it is a long process due to nerved pain and sciatica. Keep me in your thoughts… Blessings, Bette


  2. laurie27wsmith said:

    You don’t sound well at all Bette. 😦 I popped over to Ernesto’s blog and left a comment. I’ll send you some healing for your back if you want it.


    • Thanks, Laurie. I can use all the support I can get. A good day here & there keeps my spirits up. Send away! ❤ And, again, THANKS!


      • laurie27wsmith said:

        You’re welcome Bette. I sent some last night, (Reiki) and I’ll do it every time I think about it. I empathise with you, lower back pain is terrible. Take care.


  3. INDEED & I think I’ll need one. Still working on self-edits & rewrites for my novel. Ruptured disc and pinched sciatic nerve killing me (OUCH). Hope you’re feeling better each day. You are such a trooper with all of your posts etc. I’m really falling behind. Let’s keep holding each other UP dear friend! XO


  4. I LOVE editors. I’m a good one … but not of my own work. All my best work has been done with an editor backing me. Even when they make you rewrite that whole section, they are right. And the book is better as a result. A good editor is a treasure.


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