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IMG_3176When April showers may come your way
They bring the flowers that bloom in May
So when it’s raining have no regrets
Because it isn’t raining rain you know
It’s raining violets
[It’s May here in Central Maine and lots of dandelions (the first native weed variety to spring forth and blossom/more varieties to come) are taking over the gardens at the Stevens’s Farmstead this year.]

Spring has finally sprung in Central Maine. Our beloved perennials are booming!  That dreaded indigenous variety (a.k.a. dandelions) are in full bloom up too. I’m usually out in the gardening digging and pulling those hearty adversaries out of the garden at this time of year, but that was way back when. I ruptured a disc in my lower back in February and am still suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve. The pain runs from my lower back, shoots to my right groin, hip and knee. I took my trusty stool (garden buddy) and garden tools out to weed a few days ago. That didn’t go too well…can’t bend, reach and dig even with my buddy. Went back to the barn to get clippers and managed to trim all of my rose bushes and bask in the fresh air and sunshine!

My friend Marilyn Armstrong had complicated surgery recently and she’s in a similar predicament as far as gardening goes. If you haven’t visited her blog SERENDIPITY yet, here’s your chance. Marilyn is a great writer and her posts run the gamut—there’s always something to interest everyone!

I’ll attempt to entertain readers this year with what Marilyn calls posts from our INDEPENDENT GARDENS! Marilyn thinks we may start a new fad. Maybe win an award or two for independent gardens—a place where weeds rule. We’ll keep you posted. ~ Bette A. Stevens

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Comments on: "I beg your pardon: I think I’m promising a WEED GARDEN!" (10)

  1. I can truly relate to this, Bette.
    That pain is a horrible thing that interferes with every gardening intention. Sciatica is a tough one, but I hope it will heal soon.


    • I keep telling myself it’s a lesson in patience… I have good days and horrid ones, but the Dr. says I’m making progress. Hope you are too, Cynthia! Actually, some of those weeds are looking pretty inviting. Who knew??? Blessings, Bette


  2. Natural look. Yes, that is the current term for letting the weeds take over. It’s popular amongst people who, if they get themselves into the position for gardening may need the Fire Dept. to get them back out. Like me!

    Mine version of this is out today at http://teepee12.com/2014/05/21/weeds-brambles-and-a-few-survivors/

    There also ought to be a link somewhere around here too. I think by praising weeds, we may be doing many people of big favor. A lot of bad backs are singing Hallelujah! I put a link in the post!


  3. […] the garden has been on its own. Check out Bette Stevens and her ongoing battle with the weeds and choking veins. Not to mention the thorny things that bite. We decided we should extol the […]


  4. Those pernicious dandelions are sprouting up here as well. I am resigned to do what I can and let the garden take care of the rest. I have learned to live with the “natural look.”


  5. Two verses of “I never promised you a rose garden” and bring on the crabgrass!


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