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Thank you, Fia Essen, for THE NOVELIST CHALLENGE and for featuring my 100 words on your lovely blog! ~ Bette A. Stevens

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  1. I’m halfway through and loving it!

    • Can’t wait to hear from you… Right now, I’m floating on cloud nine. THANKS for lending DBS your expert’s eye and keeping me posted, Marilyn, my FF. Feeling blessed! Your continued support and encouragement, and especially your friendship mean a great deal. So glad that we connected on the digital highway and look forward to another connect on Route 201 this year. HAVE A GREAT WEEK! <3

      • Thanks my friend. We are having issues with our router. I’ve got a new one on the way, but connecting is kind of spotty at the moment. Just so you know!! Right now, there are a lot of sudden disconnects and email that doesn’t really send. A new router should fix it (hope hope). LOVING your book!!

  2. Loved this book!

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