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Delighted to find author Kathleen Andrews Davis on BOOK CHAT. I’ve interviewed her here on my blog and read THE BLUE VELVET—thoroughly enjoyed it. I know you will too! ~ Bette A. Stevens


Books One and Two

By Kathleen Andrews Davis

The Blue Velvet Book One – THE BLUE VELVET

In Book One we meet Emerson Mcbride, a typical American teenager who does the same things any other teen would do. That is, until she is sent up to clean the attic. What happens there will surprise you.

Emerson finds herself on her back in a large room, not her attic.  A strange voice keeps telling her to wake up and is calling her Emma. Lizzy is a housemaid in Harrington Hall.. Though Emerson is confused about everything, Lizzy helps direct her through her household chores and daily life in this huge manor..

Emerson is living in another time and has no idea how she got there, or how to get back home.  What’s more, she is becoming suspicious of the eldest son of the owner of the Manor.

Book Two – SMOKE AND MIRRORSSmoke and Mirrors


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Comments on: "Emerson’s Attic Series" (6)

  1. Thanks Bette. How are you? Would you believe we had snow flurries 3 days last week!


    • Flurries here too, Kathleen. But, green is appearing everywhere in spite of the 40 degree highs. It was a delight to share your story again. I loved it! ❤


  2. I love books about time travel and have to put this on my TBR list – to screen it for some tweeners I know, of course!


  3. Emerson’s Attic is a wonderful series. Thanks for reblogging, my friend. Hugs.


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