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I grew up Boomer too… In fact, I write books about Boomers. I thoroughly enjoyed Marilyn Armstrong’s post and hope you do too!  Marilyn has also written a fascinating memoir: The 12-Foot Teepee. If you enjoy this post, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her book as well. That’s how I got to know Marilyn Armstrong. I not only follow her fabulous blog, I’ve been honored to meet her in the flesh! ~ Bette A. Stevens


My generation — the post-war baby boomers — had an unusually high percentage of dysfunctional relationships with parents. I thought it was a self-selecting sample. I had a pretty awful childhood. My father was a sociopath who should never have been allowed near children, much less to be a parent. Maybe I was just attracted to kids like me.

1963. I'm in the front, in the middle, arm on my knee. 1963. I’m in the front, in the middle, arm on my knee.

Blogging has given me a broader perspective. Younger generations have issues with parents, but they can talk, if both sides try. In my growing-up years, not so much.

“The Generation Gap” was a laugh line for comedians, a mantra for the young. Most people blew it off as media hype. It was not all hype. My parents, Garry’s parents, most parents of the boomer generation grew up during the world wars. With the Great Depression in between. They learned to be…

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  1. This was great. I never got to read it on Pat’s blog. I left a comment–on my tablet no less! Wooham! You sound like you had a perfect day. You earned it. Stay well and happy, Micki Sent from AOL Mobile Mail


  2. Thanks for this, Bette.


  3. Thank you for the reblog. You are one of the few authors who writes about the problems of our generation. Mostly, what I see is nostalgia with the conflict stripped away. It’s easier that way. Neat and tidy. But our lives were NOT neat and tidy. I deal with it through writing — like you — but Garry is only barely beginning to deal with it now. Talking about his parents is still very uncomfortable for him.

    I talked to the place we stay in Jackman. She said it’s SNOWING up there and is supposed to keep snowing all week. We decided to not come to Maine this year in May. It’s cold down here, but we might go completely to pieces in the presence of actual snow. We’ve had quite enough. So we’ll be in your neighborhood sometime this summer, but we don’t know when. Preferably after black fly season, but before the snow flies (again and again and again)!


    • Hi, Marilyn. Summertime is a great time for a Maine getaway… The bugs will always be buzzing, but unscented OFF! with aloe vera helps keep them at bay. Such is the life the Maine-iac. Maybe we can catch a play at Lakewood Theater while you’re here. No matter the day or the season, we’ll have a blast getting together again. Delighted to feature your post. There are so many of us Boomers out here and so many stories to be told. Snow is completely gone here in Central Maine and the greening has begun… A late start to the season for sure. It will probably be a week or two after Memorial Day before we can get the garden planted. Dan’s seedlings are gracing every window sill on the south side of the house. Have a great week, my dear friend! ❤


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