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AMAZING WEEK bas 2015 DaffodilsDaffodils donned their May bonnets here at ‘The Farmstead’ in Central Maine today. Wishing you all an amazing week, my friends! ~ Bette A. Stevens

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    This is a wonderful picture that is all about spring and Easter. It was a great way to conclude the week.


  2. I guess that means it finally stopped snowing? Last time I called my friend in Jackman — two weeks ago? — it was snowing. She said “not a lot” but right now, any is too much! Happy Sunday and you have a great week too!


    • As it turned out, we had snow flurries later that day, too. And, flurries on and off through that week to end the season with a sigh of goodbye from our snow loving friends. NO MORE! ALL GONE! YAY, SPRING (real spring)! The weather guy is even predicting some 80 degree temps for later this week. I actually got out in the garden to rake and pull out a few OLD weeds (from last year’s WEED GARDEN). Still have plenty to do, bit by bit; and if it doesn’t all get done, I’ll enjoy the days. Thinking of you! 🙂


  3. Awesome Bette and about time that color started to grace Maine lands!


  4. […] Daffodils at the Farmstead. […]


  5. Wishing you the same. So glad spring has finally made it’s way to you.


  6. Same to you Bette!!


  7. Beautiful flowers!


  8. Wishing you the same, Sweet Bette. Love, N 🙂 ❤


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