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Hairy Woodpecker HAIKU



While sipping breakfast tea and finishing a journal entry, I glanced up at the window and spotted striking black and white flutters darting among the lilac branches. The first feathered friend was a downy woodpecker. By the time I grabbed the camera, he had disappeared and a nearly identical but larger version, a hairy woodpecker, hung upside down, pecking the last of winter’s crumbs from the suet cage. They’re sure to be back to dine, but next time it will be on succulent spring favorites—buds and bugs. Inspiring. Ah, spring! ~ Bette A. Stevens

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Comments on: "Hairy Woodpecker HAIKU by Bette A. Stevens" (20)

  1. I love the return of the birds. It’s the first sign of spring here. Lovely photo and poem, Bette. Happy Spring.


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  3. I’m glad to know spring has finally come to our northland! I hear the woodpeckers, but only rarely see them. I hear the robins — recently a lot — and the cardinals. I saw our cardinal yesterday, on the phone wire right outside the window. I didn’t have a camera ready, so I didn’t bother. I knew I would miss the shot. I just enjoyed seeing our bright red friend, glad he survived the winter. Glad WE survived the winter!


    • Everything is greening up and daffodils should be wide awake and smiling at us any day. Ah, spring! And, yes, we’re still here… Looking forward to seeing you and Garry this summer. That thought will keep me going. Have a great weekend! HUGS ❤ Bette


  4. Sorry for the errors. The tablet likes to add or change words at its whim. Should have been imitate. And now that’s a sassy bird.



  5. I’ve never seen a hairy woodpecker but our mocking birds are arriving with their edgy of other birds’ songs. They are little devils but I like them. I once saw two of them chase a cat. Now that ‘said sassy bird. This day hit 77 and was beautiful!
    Nice post,



  6. We have woodpeckers, but I’ve never heard of a hairy woodpecker. When our youngest son was in high school, the woodpeckers would come and peck at the aluminum downspout outside his window at sunrise. Definitely not Woody Woodpecker.
    Spring is here and all the birds are out and singing their hearts out. Have a wonderful day. Hugs.


    • It’s just delightful, Michelle… Got a chuckle 🙂 out of the ‘aluminum’ peckers. Grass is greening, leaves are preening as they begin to pop and daffodils may be donning blooms tomorrow, all while our feathered friends delight us by sight and sound. Ah, SPRING! Enjoy your day, too. ❤

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  7. Spring also Bette, thanks for such a refreshing post.


  8. We have both hairy and red bellied woodpeckers at our feeder on a daily basis – I leave the feeder out year round, but the birds clearly have other sources of food because the seed level doesn’t go down very rapidly. They come back to it on cold, rainy days. Lovely picture of a woodpecker we don’t see around here.


    • Hi, Noelle. We put suet and kitchen scraps out during winter. Even then, our feathered friends (very few) who hunker down for the season continued to dine on their crab apple tree banquet in the front yard. It’s so exciting to see our migratory friends return. Enjoy your week! 🙂


  9. Nature and observation.


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