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“Style is a very simple matter…” Discover the secrets in this precise and concise post from author L.M. Nelson! ~Bette A. Stevens, Maine author http://www.4writersandreaders.com


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In the writing world, the word style means the way in which an idea is expressed. Style has to do with form, not content. Readers pick up a book because of content, but put it down because of style.

As a writer, you have to develop your own writing style. The way you arrange words is the nature of you. Your style should be specifically yours and no one else’s.

When developing your individual style, here are some things to consider:

  1. Listen to what you write. Writing is like music. The words you write make sounds, and when those sounds are  in harmony, the writing works.
  2. Mimic spoken language. Writing convey to the reader the sense of conversation. It should provide the intimacy and warmth of personal conversation.
  3. Vary sentence length. Consider the following:Image result for vary sentence length
  4. Vary sentence construction. You should always strive for clarity when you write…

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Comments on: "A Sense of Style" (19)

  1. I enjoyed your post. Excellent. In fact, were I able, I’d put on a purple suit and an orange hat that clashed horribly, let down the convertible top, and cruise the boulevard, styling.


  2. Thank you, Bette. Shared on our group forum today. 🙂


  3. Excellent points about writing style. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. MG WELLS said:

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day ;O)


  5. Valuable tips👏👏👌👌💞


  6. Great tips!


  7. Excellent post. Left a comment and shared.


  8. Excellent post, Bette! Great tips for authors everywhere! Hugs xx


  9. Love this post. Makes so much sense. Yes, I go for the content—but sometimes I go for style and am disappointed in what I’m reading.


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