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“Pay It Foward Week” at Rave Reviews Book Club

“Hi, Bethany. It’s great to be part of your Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Tour. Can’t wait to find out more about you and about ‘pay it forward’ too!” ~ Bette A. Stevens

Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour, featuring Bethany Turner.

Author and Rave Reviews Book Club member on "Paying it forward."

Author and Rave Reviews Book Club member BETHANY TURNER.




I don’t know that I have had many experiences throughout this whole publishing journey of mine which have meant as much to me as the introduction of Rave Reviews Book Club’s Pay It Forward Week. Or, to be precise, Bethany Turner Pay It Forward Week. I was humbled and moved to learn my name would be associated with something so spectacular. I was not, however, at all surprised that Rave Reviews Book Club was choosing to take on something so supportive and groundbreaking.

That is just what RRBC does.

And though Pay It Forward Week may include my name in the title, it should be known that in principle, Pay It Forward Week has always been a product of Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC).

I’m very open about the fact that I am not a fan of self-promotion. I don’t mind when you do it, I just personally hate to promote myself. However, I know it is necessary if I ever hope for anyone to read my work – and I am proud of my work. But do you know what I love? I love promoting my friends. I love to find something I am passionate about and then shout it from the rooftops, determined not to give up until everyone is as passionate about it as I am. I love that! For that reason, and a million others, I have found a home at RRBC. I work hard to promote my work, but I also get to work hard to promote the work of a group of people I care about. And guess what? They help me promote my work.

One week in particular—while I was having a big promotion—some of my friends at RRBC went above and beyond in their support. All the while, I promoted myself like crazy. By the end of the week, I thought I was tired of promotion and marketing, and I considered taking a week off. But then I realized…I wasn’t tired of promotion. Only self-promotion. Rather than take a week off, I took a week to promote some of the authors who had helped me out, and put aside my own self-promotion for the entire week. And it was the most wonderful week! I enjoyed every moment of it. And guess what? Unsurprisingly, most of the authors who had been the most supportive are members of Rave Reviews Book Club.

I’m incredibly proud to be a member of RRBC. Promoting myself will probably never be easy for me. But promoting RRBC and its amazing members? That’s something I am passionate about, and I intend to shout it from the rooftops, determined not to give up until everyone is as passionate about it as I am.

Books by Bethany Turner

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Comments on: "IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Author Bethany Turner on Tour" (28)

  1. Enjoyed this Bethany. I think the name for the Bethany Turner Play it Forward Week is perfect.


  2. Author Tamie Dearen said:

    Awesome post, Bethany. I especially thank you, since I was one of the first to benefit from your Pay-it-Forward week. You are not only a great writer, but a thoughtful, awesome person. Bette, thanks for hosting on your beautiful website.


  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter said:

    I remembered that I needed to get over here and help you get your tour going. Congratulations Bethany Turner on being the Spotlight Author. You are just everywhere. We will just have to clone you so you can rest. lol I have your first book and must take time to read it. I need to get better organized. Bette Stevens its nice seeing you again too. You have a nice blog that’s easy on the eyes. Thanks to you and RRBC for this fabulous tour.


    • LOL! A clone would be nice, Shirley! Well, nice for ME. I’m not sure anyone else would feel that way. And I KNOW that my husband and kids wouldn’t feel that way! 🙂 This week really has been unlike anything I ever could have imagined, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. (All the same, I bet everyone will be glad to see my name go away next week! Ha ha!)


  4. An additional nice thing about promoting others is that it extends the possible reader base. Think of how far-reaching a single tweet can go with 10, 20, more people tweeting it, posting it on FB, rather than merely your own followers seeing it.

    I feel the same way about spending money on myself. I’ll scrimp and save, but then if a friend is in need, I don’t hesitate to help them.


  5. reanolanmartin said:

    Wishing you much success, Bethany!


  6. I really enjoyed this post, Bethany! Good luck during your Spotlight week!! Thanks for hosting Bette!


    • Hi, John. Thanks for stopping for a chat. Always a pleasure to host our fantastic RRBC authors and appreciate all of the support as well. Great post from Bethany on paying it forward. Have a fantastic week, my friend!


    • Thank you so much, John! I’m positively giddy to be in the Spotlight, and thrilled to make the most of every opportunity to RAVE about Rave Reviews Book Club!


  7. Nice meeting you Bethany. I too have a problem with self-promotion. Sometimes it way overdone. So nice to read that someone is doing it differently and inviting others to join along.
    Pat Garcia


    • Hi, Pat. Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit. Bethany is a great RRBC friend and it’s wonderful to be able to get to know her better and profit from insights from her post and from our readers. Have an amazing week, my friend! 🙂


    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Pat! I’m just so happy to be involved in this Rave Reviews Book Club initiative, and so honored to have my name attached!


  8. harmonykent said:

    Great post! And this truly is a wonderful idea. Congratulations on being in the spotlight, Bethany! 🙂

    Bette, thanks for hosting Bethany today 🙂


  9. Bethany, I feel the same way about self-promotion. There’s only so many times, and ways that I can tell my followers I have a book out 🙂 I prefer to promote others and Pay it Forward Week is a fabulous idea. Bette, thanks for hosting today.


    • Yes! Exactly, Michelle! “Hey, look at me! Look at me!” 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by today, Michelle. I really appreciate your support.


  10. Great idea. I, too, am more comfortable promoting others than promoting myself. RRBC is great for peer support.


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